Adult Content is everywhere on the Internet!


Let's face the facts about the time we live in today. Years ago as a boy the availability for adult content was limited to hard copy magazines or the occasional real to real film or Video tape. However, today it is just a click away and often found and accessed without intention. A simple Internet search for every day topics can wield an array of results. Many informative and educational. However, mixed into the searches can be sites of an unsavory and adult nature that can be looked upon by unsuspecting eyes of young children, and without the knowledge or understanding of what to do can lead to unexpected and undesirable outcomes:


Research concerning the effects of pornography is concerned with multiple outcomes. Such research includes potential influences on rape, domestic violence, sexual dysfunction, difficulties with sexual relationships, and child sexual abuse. Viewers of novel and extreme pornographic images may become tolerant to such images, which may impact sexual response, in some cases leading to erectile dysfunction. Viewers may also become addicted to pornography.[25] Pornography's effects on crime and domestic violence have been inconclusive. Some studies support the contention that the viewing of pornographic material may increase rates of sexual crimes where as others either suggest no effect, or conclude the liberalization of porn in society may be associated with decreased rape and sexual violence rates. (Source: )


How to easily block Adult Content.

"Protect your family on computers, gaming consoles, mobile devices and more.

Today’s families have an array of Internet-connected devices in their homes, from computers to gaming consoles to smart phones. OpenDNS is the only Internet parental controls solution that empowers parents to manage Web access across every device that accesses the Internet on your home network. This includes phones and computers that your kids’ friends bring into the house, giving parents peace-of-mind that their kids are protected regardless of how they’re accessing the Internet.

This unique functionality makes OpenDNS the single most effective Internet parental controls solution available.

The above is what I have found to be the most effective way to block Adult Content in your entire household." (Source: )

With my nearly 21 years in the computer industry I have seen the Internet develop from the dialup speeds of 12k to the present and lightning fast speeds of Cable and Fiber Optics. The information obtainable is now at the Orwellian stage of evolution.

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