About Us

BlueHawk Products LLC.'s Mission is to enable our customers to deliver higher quality and improved efficiency; by providing solutions that give them a strategic advantage.

Our Team seeks to continually expand their knowledge base building a strong "Knowledge Tree" for our clients to draw upon.  Our team focuses on providing great friendly service - and we think they do that!

Why Choose Us?

Our dedication to innovation has put us at the forefront of IT service provision.   Here are just a few of the advantages we can deliver (we would be delighted to show you more):

 Unrivaled Customer Service.  

Our job is to do the best job for you, and that is why our clients can control their environment.  Our engineers are selected on their ability to provide the best customer service experience. If they don't - we like to hear about it and challenge our team to greater results.

Accountability and Insight. 

Good relationships rely on clear accountability. Our online portal, the 'BlueHawk Products LLC. ServiceDesk' ensures that you never feel out of the loop or out of control.

Superior Skills Matching.  

Working with the right people produces superior results. We have developed systems to ensure that whatever the problem, and whatever your set-up, you always get the best person for the job.   Someone you like, someone with the correct skill-set, someone familiar with your systems – and you can be assured that all BlueHawk Products LLC. people are passionate about what they do.

Proactive Management.   

You can only get better if you understand your weaknesses. We can produce an in-depth IT Audit, encompassing software and/or IT infrastructure, which helps us to help you make more informed decisions about upgrades, licensing and security.

Award Winning Team

BlueHawk Products LLC. was proud to achieve 93.01% for Customer Satisfaction i.  We know that it isn’t 100% and we continue to strive for the highest possible Customer Satisfaction level.  We appreciate feedback from our clients, partners and team to assist us in that journey.

BlueHawk Products LLC. is 100% American owned and operated since 2001, a history which gives confidence that our team will continue to deliver.  We bring together a team of industry professionals with the primary focus of providing the best solutions to meet your requirements.

Skills encompassing all aspects of implementation, operational support, business requirements definition, system design and customising solutions to the specific client - we have all the technology resources you need so you can concentrate on your core business.

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